Strength Mixtape

Raely Elle
Strength Mixtape

Released: August 11th, 2012

Executive Producer: M.I.C.

Features: Carita, & Eman Musik


The "Strength" Mixtape is Raely Elle's second official release, succeeding her "This Is The Beginning" Mixtape in 2010.  This is a compilation of her work with several different producers throughout the following two years (Namely "Capitol D", "Eman Musik", and her husband "M.I.C.").

The title represents not only the vigor we are required to possess in order to make it through the daily trials of life, but also the true strength of our heavenly father that we humbly but confidently have access to through Jesus Christ our Lord!

Raely Elle is currently working on an all original album so be on the lookout!  In the mean time, this 7 track mixtape is available absolutely free.  Just click on the link above and enjoy!

Note: All the song lyrics can be found in the youtube description box in each video.


Hold On Tight

Featuring: Eman Musik

Even through stormy weather we can rest in

the peace of God if we just hold on tight to Him!

Producers Note:  Hold On Tight was partially written & recorded with Eman Musik, a good friend of Raely Elle's.  Eman also raps an 8 bar verse.  The rest of the song was written and recorded with Never Fade Records and even features some lyrics from Raely Elle's mother Michelle Ocampo!

Check out Eman Musik: HERE

Save Me

Featuring: Carita

Jesus is the ultimate savior and this song describes His saving qualities!

Producers Note: The "Save Me" Instrumental was produced & donated to Raely Elle from LGxBEATZ.  Carita has become a good friend of Raely Elle and we are blessed to have her featured on the track.  Carita supplied her vocals, but all other recording/mixing/mastering was done in house @ NFR.

Check out Carita: HERE

Ain't No Fool

This song is an encouragement to be careful of red flags, and have the strength and courage to stick up for yourself through the trials of abusive relationships.

Producers Note:  Raely Elle wrote this song mainly solo with brief collaborative efforts from M.I.C. The hook is a sample from Tupac's "Baby Don't Cry" track.  One of my favorites!

Freak Show

Jesus followers have often been called "Jesus Freaks".  This song embraces this description and talks about how we get down to Jesus Music!

Produced By: Emotional Productions

You Make It Real (Cover)

This is a James Morrison Cover/Christian Remix & neither Raely Elle nor Never Fade Records claim copyright ownership over the lyrics, production, or title. This is for enjoyment & promotional purposes only.

When The World Stops

Where do you want to be when Jesus comes back for His people?


Producers Note: When The World Stops is the only original production on the mixtape.  It was written by Raely Elle & Capitol D, and was produced/recorded/mixed/mastered in-house by M.I.C. of NFR. The Music Video can be found to the left!  Live performance can be found below!

Love, Peace, N' Tranquility

A classic Raely Elle track that has been passed down from Raely Elle's first Mixtape.


Producers Note: As mentioned, this was a well received track passed down from Raely Elle's first mixtape "This Is The Beginning".  The song was written & engineered by Capitol D who currently resides in West Palm Beach, FL.  The Instrumental was produced by: AllRounda Productions

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