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Singer/ Assistant C.E.O.

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Raely Elle was born June 26th, 1991 in Klamath Falls Oregon.

At age 14, she worked as a lounge singer at Yesterday's Plaza for two years, earning her a spotlight in the local newspaper.


Glowing as an image of modern day Jessica Rabbit, she sang covers from Aretha Franklin, Marilyn Monroe, Alicia Keys and many more.  Her style was the 1920‘s era, long silk gloves, sparkling gowns and red lipstick.


Raely moved to Portland OR when she was 18, where she auditioned for a funk-soul band and was the lead singer for 6 months. She then realized she wanted to expand her solo career and stop doing covers.


She met local artist "Capital D", who helped develop her sound. 

With his guidance she released her first mixtape, "This Is The Beginning".


After a down spiral of events, God opened her heart to start doing music for him.

Her whole image changed, and she was ready to devote herself to the lord.


When she turned 19, she joined the christian hip hop label “Never Fade Records”.

At age 20, she married the CEO and producer "M.I.C.", and is currently the Executive Assistant to CEO as well as an artist on the label.


In 2012, N.F.R. released Raely Elle's "Strength" mixtape, which propelled her career in the Christian Music industry.

Her "When The World Stops" single gained her a spot on Pandora, Da South (now known as Jam the Hype), The Yes! show, & multiple radio plays.


In 2015, the label released her “Peacemaker” album. Her singles, “It’s All Okay” and “Equipped” opened a plethora of doors for exposure, including highlights on Jam The Hype and New H20.


Raely continues to spread light in a dark world by depicting Christ’s unconditional love and forgiveness through her music. Her hope is to promote healing and renewing of the mind through each and every song.

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C.E.O./ Producer

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♦ In 1999, at the age of 11, Michael Thoennes wrote his first rap song titled "Crazy Souls". 

He also learned to play the piano.

♦  He continued to play piano, freestyle, and write lyrics under the alias "Match” from 1999 to 2004.

♦ In 2004 He adopted the name M.I.C. and partnered with his childhood friend “Edub Phenomenon” to form a rap group called “Homie G Street”.

♦ In 2005 Homie G Street released their 21 Track debut Album entitled “Yester Year”, featuring The Dirty G’s and E-Sential.

♦ 9/06  M.I.C. moved to the Mid-West to join the Dirty G’s, Yung Chill, and NoNonsense on the recording label “Double Trouble Records” where he recorded several songs featuring artists from the label.  He also learned to produce Instrumentals, and incorporated his piano playing into his production.

♦ 10/06  Double Trouble released NoNonsenses debut album “Federally Raised” featuring M.I.C.

♦ 11/06  M.I.C. left Double Trouble and returned to the North West to join an unofficial recording label called “Die-Verse City” within the “Portland Recording Company”.

♦ 12/06 M.I.C. dropped roughly 10 songs on several mixtapes featuring various artists from Die-Verse City.

♦ 1/07 M.I.C. moved to the Oregon Coast and signed to the label "Sea-City Recordings" with Mikey B. and E-tab from the Dirty G’s.

♦ Throughout 2007 M.I.C. wrote and recorded 24 songs with Sea-City, and prepared to drop his first solo album self-titled “emiSee”.  He also produced roughly 100 Instrumentals for the label.

♦ 8/07  Sea-City Recordings released E-tab's debut solo album entitled “Tales from da Beach” featuring M.I.C.

♦ 12/07  M.I.C. moved to Portland, OR to pursue a production career.

♦ Throughout 2008 M.I.C. started a one man production company called “emiSee Instrumentals” (Later changing to "M.I.C. Instrumentals"). He produced roughly 250 instrumentals and produced/engineered roughly 40 tracks for various artists.  He also adopted the name "Made In Christ" from his big brother in Christ, Gabriel "His Messenger" Delong of Resurrected Records.

♦ 4/09  One Hour Pharmacy released K-Dizzy's debut solo album "Ignorance & Poverty" featuring M.I.C. and M.I.C. Instrumentals.

♦ 10/09  Sea-City Recordings released E-Tab's solo album "Whose That?" featuring M.I.C. and M.I.C. Instrumentals.

♦ 1/10  Edub Phenomenon released his debut solo album "Never Quit" featuring and produced by M.I.C.

♦ 2/10  E-Sential released his debut solo album "Spirit Led" produced by M.I.C.

♦ 2/10  M.I.C. began working substantially with artists E-Sential and James Julius.

♦ 3/10  M.I.C. established "Never Fade Records"

♦ 12/10  Never Fade Records signed artists Raely Elle, E-Sential, James Julius, and Jeffery Sturgeon.

♦ 7/11  M.I.C. married Raely Elle

♦ 9/11  Edub Phenomenon released his second solo album "The Pursuit" featuring M.I.C. Instrumentals.


♦ 8/12  Raely Elle released her second mixtape "Strength" produced by M.I.C.


♦ 9/12  James Julius released his debut album "Made New" produced by M.I.C.


♦ 1/13  Never Fade Records signed Producer "Mihre2".


♦ 4/13  Jayme "Numatik" Carroll released his 2nd album "Diamonds In The Rough" featuring M.I.C. Instrumentals.

♦ 5/13  E-Sential released "Kingdom Cuts" Mixtape produced by M.I.C.

♦ 6/14  E-Sential released "Thru Thick N' Thin" produced by M.I.C.

♦ 9/14 M.I.C. released "Relentless" (A Beat Collection)

♦ 2/15  Raely Elle released "Peacemaker" produced by M.I.C.

♦  Be on the lookout for many more releases from M.I.C. Instrumentals & Never Fade Records influenced by the Lord Jesus Christ ♥ † Praise The Lord!

Never Fade Records © 2012